Five Most Popular Episodes of 2019

December 30, 2019

In order, these are the most popular episodes of 2019 based on downloads by listeners:

Jon Schladweiler on the History of Sewers – Jon talks about the history of sewers, including the origins of sewers 5,500 years ago in what is now Pakistan, the introduction of clay pipes in Babylon, the Roman Empire’s improvements, and that the Dark Ages led to its rebirth.

Dr. Sally Brown on Communicating About Biosolids – Sally says biosolids are a science communication tool for the public and the sector must talk about the low level of risk from contaminants including PFAS compared to other household sources.

Jim Cooper on Demystifying Intelligent Water – Jim discusses a report done on how artificial intelligence and predictive analytics can help address two human-centric challenges facing the water sector: affordability and resilience.

Adam Lovell on Water Utilities in Australia – Adam provides an overview of the water utility sector in Australia and issues such as urbanization, extreme drought, water reuse, and energy neutrality.

Valerie Lucas on Connecting with the Public – Valerie explains why her organization changed its name to better communicate with the public about the water sector’s work and how she has seen the role of women in water change during her career.

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