Words On Water #232: Tim Gerdes on Role of Wire Cloth and Mesh Screens

January 25, 2023

Tim Gerdes is Sales Manager at Haver & Boecker. In this episode, Tim discusses the ways that water facilities uses wire cloth and mesh screens and how the evolution of materials has impacted effectiveness and efficiency. He also talks about the filtration of micro plastics and the future of wire cloth and mesh screen materials.

This episode is sponsored by Haver & Boecker.

Episode #232
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #231: Greta Zornes on the Path of Potable Reuse

January 4, 2022

Greta Zornes is Water Reuse and Industrial Treatment Leader for CDM Smith. In this episode, Greta explains what makes potable reuse projects different from other type of water reuse. She discusses the current path for expansion of potable reuse, including why communities are undertaking projects and the role of regulations. Greta also shares suggestions for how communities and utilities can start planning for potable reuse. 

This episode is brought to you by CDM Smith.

Words On Water #230: Tshoganetso Masunga on Water in Botswana and her Fellowship with WEF

December 15, 2022

Tshoganetso Masunga is a Community Led Total Sanitation Coordinator and Data Collection & Analysis Specialist at Sarep in Botswana. In this episode, Tshoganetso talks about her work in Botswana and the status of water and sanitation in her country. She also discusses her time as a fellow at the Water Environment Federation, including what she learned, her impressions of WEFTEC, and what she will carry back to water work in Botswana.

Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #229: Radhika Fox on EPA Water Work

November 30, 2022

Radhika Fox is Assistant Administrator for Water at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In this episode, Radhika discusses a variety of issues that EPA is working on including infrastructure funding, water affordability, PFAS, and biosolids.

Hosted by Travis Loop
From WEFTEC Live 2022, a broadcast sponsored by Teledyne Isco.

Words On Water #228: John Dyson on Navigating Wet Weather

November 28, 2022

John Dyson is Product Channel Manager for AquaPrime at Aqua-Aerobic Systems. In this episode, John discusses the new approaches and solutions for utilities in addressing the challenges of wet weather. He also talks about the role of technology, meeting permit requirements, and what may lie ahead for wet weather management.

This episode is brought to you by Aqua-Aerobic.

Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #227: Lt. Col. Dale Kooyenga on Joining the U.S. Army Reserve

November 16, 2022

Dale Kooyenga is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. In this episode, he discusses a new initiative to recruit water industry professionals to serve as Public Water and Sanitation Civil Affairs Officers in the Army Reserve. Lt Col Kooyenga explains how these officers assist military missions, why water professionals are an excellent fit, and the benefits of serving in the Army Reserve.

Hosted by Travis Loop
From WEFTEC Live 2022

Words On Water #226: Ifetayo Venner on Becoming WEF President

November 10, 2022

Ifetayo Venner is the new President of the Water Environment Federation and a Senior Vice President at Arcadis. In this episode, Ifetayo discusses her journey in water, from her time growing up in the Caribbean to her work for Arcadis. She also talks about WEF’s new Strategic Plan, including the goals of building the water workforce, community, and circular economy.

Words On Water #225: Wayne White and Ted Merrell on the Evolution of Biosolids Management

October 3, 2022

Wayne White is Vice President at Kimley-Horn and Ted Merrell is Vice President and Co-Owner of Merrell Bros. In this episode Wayne and Ted share perspective on how management of biosolids has changed over the years and how creativity in the design-build-operate process has helped harness the benefits of biosolids. They also talk about the way technology has changed biosolids management, differences across geographic regions of the U.S., and the challenges of PFAS.  

This episode is brought to you by Kimley-Horn.

Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #224: Boyd Gregg on Improving a Utility’s Energy Profile

September 14, 2022

Boyd Gregg is Senior Business Development Manager for Energy Solutions at ENGIE North America. In this episode, Boyd explains why the water sector needs to pay even more attention to energy use at facilities. He discusses how the energy profile at a utility can be improved through upgrades and optimization, as well as through a holistic approach. Boyd also shares an example of how ENGIE is working with West County Wastewater to unlock new revenue streams and reduce carbon emission.

This podcast is sponsored by ENGIE.

Words On Water #223: Jose Velazquez on the new Manual of Practice

July 26, 2022

Jose Velazquez is a Senior Wastewater Consultant with AE2S and Chair of the Task Force that developed the new Manual of Practice (MOP) – Planning, Design, and Implementation for New and Upgraded Water Resource Recovery Facilities. In this episode, Jose discusses how MOP serves as a guidance document to help utility managers and others, such as city engineers, public works directors, regulators, and contractors, navigate this process. It includes sections on how to procure an engineer, how do develop a scope of service for the facility plan, how to evaluate engineering proposals, how to make an informed decision on moving to more complex facilities, how to evaluate and select different project delivery methods, how to interact with the engineer during each phase, and a variety of other topics. Learn more about and order MOP.

Words On Water #222: Chris Rich on the U.S.-ASEAN Utility Exchange

July 7, 2022

Chris Rich is the Executive Director of the U.S. Water Partnership. In this episode, Chris discusses the Water Smart Engagements (WiSE) Program that pairs five ASEAN Smart Cities Network cities with U.S. cities, water districts, and utilities for collective capacity building and innovative technology familiarization. He explains that the purpose is to increase water security in ASEAN partner cities through sustainable water management solutions, establish long-term relationships between ASEAN and U.S. utilities to foster communication and build capacity, to increase the exchange of services, goods, science, and technology. Learn more at https://usascp.org/programs/wise/

Words On Water #221: The Future Of Water In 2051

Predicting 30 years into the future requires big, bold thinkers with strong voices, gathering with like-minded peers who might have opportunities to put those bold thoughts into action. At WEFTEC 2021, the Waterside Chat featured a group of water experts discussing the Future of Water in 2051. They discussed similarities, differences, sustainability, and change impediments for water in 30 years. Panelists also explored societal and technological influences on water. The panelists are:

– Albert Cho, Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy & Digital Officer for Xylem
– Amy Corriveau, Vice President and Director of Digital Solutions for CDM Smith
– Zhen (Jason) He, Professor of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering and the Director of Center for Water Innovation at Washington State University in St. Louis.

Make plans to attend this year’s WEFTEC at https://www.weftec.org

Words On Water #220: Jane Madden on Managing PFAS at Water Facilities and in Biosolids

May 25, 2022

Jane Madden is a Senior Vice President and Global Practice Leader for Water Reclamation at CDM Smith. In this episode Jane discusses various aspects of PFAS including ways to manage the chemicals at water facilities, their presence in biosolids, and gaps in research that need to be filled. 

Words On Water #219: Autosamplers Available For Wastewater Surveillance

May 16, 2022

Anna Mehrotra is the Director of the Wastewater Surveillance Program for the Water Environment Federation (WEF). In this episode, Anna and Carley Truyens, Public Health Associate at WEF, explain how WEF is inviting applications from small utilities interested in receiving free automatic wastewater samplers to help expand participation in wastewater surveillance programs. They discuss the use of autosamplers with Aaron Anson of Hach and Kaushal Trivedi of Teledyne ISCO, who were selected through a competitive Request for Proposal process to supply autosamplers as part of this program. Visit this page to learn more about the program and how to apply.

Words On Water #218: Andy Kricun on Best Practices in Workforce Development

May 9, 2022

Andy Kricun is Managing Director at Moonshot Missions and a Senior Fellow at the U.S. Water Alliance. In this episode, Andy discusses a compendium of 21 case studies on how water utilities improved workforces through educational programs and internships, recruitment practices, employee optimization, and transfer of institutional knowledge. He also talks about the water sector’s workforce challenges and how addressing them can also benefit justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts. Learn more and access the compendium on WEF’s website.

Episode #218
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #217: Mark Poling on Programs to Spur Leadership and Innovation

April 18, 2022

Mark Poling is a past member of the WEF Board of Trustees and current member of its House of Delegates. In this episode Mark discusses a variety of WEF programs including WISE (Water Intrapreneurs for Successful Enterprises) and the Intelligent Water Systems Challenge.

Words On Water #216: Charlie Stevens on The Power of Advocacy

April 5, 2023

Charlie Stevens is Utilities Operations Officer at KC Water and Chair of WEF’s Government Affairs Committee. In this episode Charlie talks about how it feels that after years of advocating for infrastructure investment to finally have Congress pass massive legislation to provide funding. He explains that the work is not done and the water sector needs to continue talking to legislators about appropriations and policy implementation under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Charlie also discusses the benefits of participating in Water Week in D.C. and urges people to attend this year’s events in late April.    

Episode #216
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #215: Abhijeet Jain on Trends in the Operations, Efficiency, and Sustainability of Pumps

March 28, 0222

Abhijeet Jain is Vice President and Business Line Manager of the Power and Flow Division for North America for Atlas Copco. In this episode, Abhijeet discusses current trends in pumps, including the changes to operations, drive for efficiency, and concern for sustainability. He also shares insights on what customers are asking for in pumps and where the equipment may be headed in the future.

This episode is brought to you by Atlas Copco.

Words On Water #214: Rajan Ray and Eoin Howlett on the Digital Transformation

March 14, 2022

Rajan Ray is Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at Trinnex and Eoin Howlett is Vice President of Product Development at Trinnex. In this episode, Rajan and Eoin talk about where the water sector stands on the path of digital transformation, including adaptation by different size utilities, the latest with sensors and data, and the role of digital twins. They also discuss the launch of Trinnex and the benefits of its affiliation with CDM Smith.  

This episode is brought to you by Trinnex.

Words On Water #213: Kelley Dearing Smith on Building and Steering a Communications Team

March 10, 2022

Kelley Dearing Smith is Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Louisville Water. In this episode Kelley talks about building a communications team, utilizing storytelling, the importance of public education, and managing a variety of branding activities including for the trademarked Louisville Pure Tap. She also takes questions from the audience about social media, risk communications, and beer made with recycled water.

Words On Water #212: Kari Brisolara on the Growing Collaboration with the Public Health Sector

March 2, 2022

Kari Brisolara is Associate Professor of Environmental Health at Louisiana State University and Chair of the Disinfection and Public Health Committee for the Water Environment Federation. In this episode, Kari discusses the historic connection between water and public health and how the coronavirus pandemic raised awareness about the role of the water sector in public health. She talks about the increased collaboration between the water sector and public health sector, particularly to advance wastewater-based disease surveillance. Kari also explains the benefits to water organizations of closer relationships with health organizations and the role of wastewater epidemiology beyond COVID.

Words On Water #210: Randy Hayman On The Need For Proactive Communications

February 14, 2022

Randy Hayman is Commissioner and CEO of Philadelphia Water. In this episode, Randy talks with the Water Environment Federation about why proactive communications must be a priority for water utilities, particularly from his perspective in an executive leadership position. He discusses what effective communication looks like, topics that require expanded public outreach, and the importance of using different tools for connecting with an audience. Randy also explains the need for leadership support of communications activities, including through funding.

Episode #210
Hosted by Steve Drangsholt

Words On Water #209: Mike Martin and Zonetta English on Current Issues in Utility Management

February 3, 2022

Mike Martin is Technical Services Director at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and Chair of WEF’s Utility Management Committee and Zonetta English is Strategic Initiatives and Project Delivery Director at the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District and Vice-Chair of WEF’s Utility Management. In this episode Mike and Zonetta discuss some of the current issues and trends in utility management, including data management, workforce development, diversity, affordability, and PFAS. They also share how they are tackling these areas at their utilities in Milwaukee and Louisville. These topics are part of the programming at WEF’s Utility Management Conference on February 21-24.

Episode #209
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #208: Steven Rivas on Automation of Monitoring and Alerts

January 31, 2022

Steven Rivas is Product Manager for WIN-911. In this episode Steven explains the drawbacks of manual monitoring of systems at utilities and the advantages of automation of that tracking and alerts to problems. He talks about the process that utilities are monitoring, the importance of rapid response, and growing concerns about cybersecurity. Steven also discusses how the tools for monitoring and alerts may change as technology continues to evolve in the years ahead.

This episode is brought to you by WIN-911.

Words On Water #207: Pam Elardo on DE&I In The Water Sector

January 26, 2022

Pam Elardo is Deputy Commissioner at the Bureau of Wastewater Treatment at New York City Department of Environmental Protection. She visited the WEFTEC Live studio in October 2021 to discuss the evolving landscape of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the water sector, what actions we can take individually and organizationally, and the effects that these actions can have. At WEFTEC, Pam also helped facilitate a peer-to-peer Learning Exchanges focused on LGBTQ+ issues in the workforce, and she talked about her personal journey in water.

Words On Water #206: Andres Quijano on the Rise of Environmental Intelligence

January 25, 2022

Andres Quijano is a Solution Design Engineer for North America for Envirosuite. In this episode Andres discusses the rise of environmental intelligence and how it being driven by the evolution of technology, impacts of climate change, and growth of urban areas. He explains how the water sector can utilize environmental intelligence solutions to improve operations, benefit business, and deliver sustainability.

This episode is brought to you by Envirosuite.

Episode #206
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #205: Omicron’s Impact on Wastewater Utility Management

January 18, 2022

The emergence of the omicron variant presents unique challenges for wastewater utility managers related to staffing shortages and concerns about increased transmissibility of the virus. Yet omicron also highlights the continued value of wastewater-based disease surveillance due to the early detection of the variant in wastewater relative to clinical data. This podcast presents the latest information on omicron and wastewater. The guests are Dr. Andrew Sanderson, WEF Chief Medical Officer, and Amy Kirby, the CDC’s National Wastewater Surveillance System Lead.

Words On Water #204: Preview of WEF’s 2022 Educational Conferences

January 10, 2022

In this episode, WEF Conference Committee Co-Chairs Amy Corriveau and Charles Bott discuss the slate of educational events scheduled for 2022. They explain how water professionals can advance knowledge and networking in the areas of utility management, public health, collection systems, biosolids, process engineering, and stormwater at a slate of events from February through June.

The 2022 schedule is:

WEF/AWWA Utility Management Conference 2022 Pre-Conference Workshop February 21 | Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress, Orlando, Florida

Public Health and Water Conference & Wastewater Disease Surveillance Summit Summit March 21 | Conference March 22-24 | Exhibition March 22-23 | Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio

Collection Systems Conference 2022 Pre-Conference Workshop April 19 | Exhibition April 20-21, Huntington Place | Detroit, Michigan

Residuals and Biosolids Conference 2022 Pre-Conference Workshop May 24 | Exhibition May 25-26 | Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio

Innovations in Process Engineering Conference 2022 Pre-Conference Workshop June 20 | Exhibition June 21-22 | Hyatt Regency Miami, Miami, Florida

Stormwater Summit 2022 Pre-Conference Workshop June 27 | Exhibition June 28-29 | Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Learn more at https://www.wef.org/events/conferences/upcoming-conferences/

Words On Water #203: Maile Lono-Batura On 2022 As The Year Of Poo

January 6, 2022

Maile Lono-Batura is the Director of Sustainable Biosolids Programs at the Water Environment Federation. In this episode Maile explains how a campaign to make 2022 the Year of Poo aims to raise public awareness about the value of human waste as a resource in communities and to get people to realize they are part of this cycle. She also discusses the activities that WEF will conduct as part of the Year of Poo, including launching a website, posting to social media, sharing interesting fecal facts, and hosting conversations with influential figures.

Episode #203

Words On Water #202: Dr. Andrew Sanderson On His Work As Chief Medical Officer For WEF

December 9, 2021

Dr. Andrew Sanderson is Chief Medical Officer at the Water Environment Federation, a gastroenterologist with Weatherby Healthcare, and an Associate Professor at Howard University. Dr. Sanderson visited the WEFTEC Live studio at WEFTEC 2021 to talk about his role as CMO for WEF, what he learned during his first year in the position, and wastewater epidemiology, including WEF’s partnership with the CDC in developing a national wastewater surveillance network.

Words On Water #201: Antoine Walter on Spotting and Supporting The Trends

December 7, 2021

Antoine Walter is Senior Business Development Manager of GF Piping Systems. In this episode Antoine discusses the unique perspective on trends that a piping systems company has on the water industry. He talks about trends in upgrading facilities, onsite reuse and decentralized systems, and sensors and data, as well as how a manufacturer supports changes in these areas. Antoine also shares his perspective on the challenges in the global supply chain and how companies are adapting.

This episode is brought to you by GF Piping Systems.

Words On Water #200: Shalene Thomas on One Water As A Framework For Collaboration

December 1, 2021

Shalene Thomas is Vice President and Global Emerging Contaminants Program Manager at Wood. In this episode Shalene discusses the meaning of One Water and how it promotes the value of all water. She explains how One Water can be a framework for increased collaboration, including among a variety of stakeholders in a community. Shalene also talks about using One Water as an approach for managing emerging contaminants and for planning for a sustainable water future, and shares a case study on solutions for drinking water impacted by PFAS.

This episode is brought to you by Wood.

Episode #200
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #199: Briefing on the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act

November 10, 2021

Steve Dye is the Legislative Affairs Director for the Water Environment Federation. In this episode Steve provides a briefing on the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, which will provide nearly $1.2 trillion for the nation’s infrastructure. He explains that $51 billion is allocated to drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure and provides a detailed breakdown of the investments. Steve also discusses how the historic investment was driven by years of advocacy by WEF members and the broader water sector.

Episode #199
Hosted by Steve Dye

Words On Water #198: Jamie Eichenberger on His Journey to WEF President

November 1, 2021

Jamie Eichenberger is President of the WEF Board of Trustees and an Associate Vice President at HDR. In this episode Jamie talks about his background in water, journey as a WEF member, importance of students and young professionals, and this year’s priorities for the WEF Board of Trustees, which includes crafting a new strategic plan.

Episode #198
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #197: Melody White On The State of Water Reuse

October 12, 2021

Melody White is Principal Application Development Manager at Hach. In this episode Melody discusses the state of water reuse and the continuing increase in projects around the United States. She talks about how population growth and drought are driving water reuse, the barriers of cost and public acceptance, and advancing the science and technology. Melody also speculates on where water reuse may go in the next five to 10 years.

Episode #197
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #196: Shea Dunifon on Outreach to the Younger Generation

September 9, 2021

Shea Dunifon is the Education Coordinator for Pinellas County in Florida. In this episode, Shea says that municipalities can shift the paradigm in how they think about engaging the public, especially younger generations. She explains creating teaching materials to accommodate multiple grade levels as well as schools with varying levels of resources because accessibility is an important pillar in her values. Shea talks about creating more informed citizens and filling the water industry’s talent pipeline of the future.

Episode #196
Hosted by Mel Butcher

Words On Water #195: Jon Koch on Championing Co-Digestion

August 31, 2021

Jon Koch is the Director of the City of Muscatine, Iowa’s water resource recovery facility and Stormwater Department Director. In this episode Jon discusses shepherding a multi-year project that included planning, design, construction, commissioning, and start-up of new facilities to enable co-digestion of food waste and fats, oils, and grease from local food manufacturers and businesses with the facility’s wastewater biosolids. Jon talks about a variety of topics including gathering internal support for the ambitious program, equipment selection, feedstock profiles, setting tip fee pricing, and residuals management.

This is the first of a series of episodes hosted by WEF Residuals and Biosolids Bioenergy Subcommittee Chair Sarah Deslauriers and Vice Chair Dave Baran.

Words On Water #194: Evan Kirk on Benefits of Integrated Planning

August 17, 2021

Evan Kirk is the acting Senior Project Director at the Environmental Finance Center at the University of North Carolina. In this episode Evan explains the practice of integrated planning and the benefits it brings to utilities and communities. He discusses how utilities can evaluate if integrated planning is an appropriate fit. Evan also talks about common barriers to integrated planning and ways the Environmental Finance Center can assist.

Episode #194
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #193: UNLEASH and the Alabama Black Belt Hack

August 3, 2021

Anniestacia Miskel is a water engineer at Arcadis, Lindsey Broderick is a structural engineer at ZFA Structural Engineers, and Gabi Itokazu is PhD Student in Biosystems Engineering at Auburn University. In this episode they discuss UNLEASH, a global innovation lab that gathers top talents to collaborate on solutions that help meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Anniestacia, Lindsey, and Gabi talk about the UNLEASH Hacks, which are are localized hackathons aimed at solving challenges. They explain how the UNLEASH USA 2021 hack focused on developing sustainable, equitable solutions for sanitation issues in Alabama’s black belt region.

Episode #192
Hosted by Travis Loop

WOW: Take It From The Top With Paul Bowen

July 27, 2021

Paul Bowen is a former water and sustainability executive at the Coca-Cola Company and a Past-President of the Water Environment Federation. In this episode Paul says the best way to be prepared for the future is strategic planning, an activity in which he participated at both WEF and Coca-Cola. He discusses the need to include risk assessment and risk mitigation in the planning process to lessen the negative impacts of future obstacles. Paul also talks about the importance of debriefings after activities and events, not just to identify what went wrong but additionally what went right.

WOW: Take It From The Top
Hosted by Tom Kunetz

Words On Water #191: Dave Ross and Lindsey Mann on Wipes Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

July 22, 2021

Dave Ross and Lindsey Mann are Partners at Troutman Pepper. In this episode Dave and Lindsey discuss a preliminary class action lawsuit settlement between the Charleston Water System and wipes manufacturer Kimberly-Clark that could affect any entity that owned and/or operated wastewater conveyance and treatment systems since January 6, 2018. They discuss how the settlement, if approved by a court, would require Kimberly-Clark’s products to meet current flushability standards as published by the International Water Services Flushability Group, implement independent testing, and require educational content and label changes, as well as require the Charleston Water System to endorse these Kimberly-Clark products as flushable. Dave and Lindsey explain that the settlement would have no effect on claims by class members seeking money for harm caused by wipes but would release all claims for injunctive relief by any class member related to any wipe product of Kimberly-Clark.

Words On Water #190: Lauren Christopher on the Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program

July 15, 2021

Lauren Christopher is the Director of the Division of Energy Assistance in the Office of Community Services at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In this episode Lauren discusses the new Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program, which was established by Congress and has initially provided $166.6 million in grants to help ratepayers effected by the COVID-19 pandemic pay drinking water and wastewater utility bills. She explains that states, territories, and tribes receive these federal grants and work in partnership with water systems to ensure low-income households and families have access to services.

Episode #190
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #189: Paul Peterson on Aeration Blowers – What’s Really New?

July 7, 2021

Paul Petersen is Municipal Sales Manager for Central & Eastern U.S. at Atlas Copco. In this episode Paul discusses the latest technology and trends in aeration blowers, including with canopy design, air filtration, and VSD/VFD. He also talks about the key areas of reliability and maintenance of aeration blowers, as well as how controllers and remote monitoring are improving connectivity.

This episode is brought to you by Atlas Copco.

Words On Water #188: Uma Vempati, Mark Miller, and Tanya Miro on Trends in PFAS

June 21, 2021

At Kimley-Horn, Uma Vempati is Senior Project Manager of Integrated Water Solutions, Mark Miller is Senior Water Treatment Speciaist, and Tanya Miro is Senior Marketing Specialist for Water and Wastewater. In this episode they discuss the latest news and trends for PFAS, including challenges utilities face in treatment and a successful project in Stuart, Florida. They also talk about EPA action on PFAS, development of regulations, and how utilities should be preparing for them. Learn more about PFAS and treatment on Kimley-Horn’s comprehensive webpage.

This episode is brought to you by Kimley-Horn.

Words On Water #187: Sam Villegas on Using a Biosolids Communications Toolkit

May 20, 2021

Sam Villegas is Director of Strategic Communications Services at Raftelis. In this episode Sam discusses WEF’s comprehensive toolkit for communicating about biosolids in ways that are factual, science-based, and easily understandable by those who might be hearing about biosolids for the first time. She explains that the toolkit includes guidance on some of the more challenging communication tasks you may encounter—responding to, or proactively pursuing media coverage, handling concerns raised about the safety of biosolids, creating presentations for use at events or meetings with the public, and developing content to post online or on social media. Sam also talks about how the toolkit features messages that serve as an overall umbrella that can be adapted for FAQs, talking points, community meetings, fact sheets, brochures, social media, and websites. Find the toolkit at https://www.wef.org/biosolids/

WOW: Take It From The Top Series With Tom Kunetz

May 17, 2021

Tom Kunetz usually hosts the Take It From The Top Series, but for this episode the tables were turned on the former WEF President. In this episode Tom discusses his background in comedy, the usefulness of improve skills in the workplace, and his trainings for the water sector. He shares observations of water management during his extensive travel around the world, the importance of increasing resource recovery at utilities, and how his 30 years as WEF member have taught him that water professionals are a community of passionate people.

WOW: Take It From The Top
Hosted by Tom Kunetz (except for this episode, which was hosted by Travis Loop)

Words On Water #186: Megan Yoo-Schneider and Donnell Duncan on Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

May 12, 2021

Megan Yoo-Schneider is Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Municipal Water District of Orange County and President of Seven Management and Consulting.  Donnell Duncan is an Associate Vice President at Arcadis. In this episode Megan and Donnell discuss the efforts by the Water Environment Federation (WEF) to address diversity, equity, and inclusion issues within the organization, among its membership, and across the water sector. They talk about the ongoing work and expected impact of the DE&I Subcommittee of the WEF Board of Trustees and the DE&I Work Group of the House of Delegates. Megan and Donnell explain why they volunteer their time and that transformation in the water sector will be a process. Learn more about WEF’s DE&I work on this web page.

Episode #186
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #185: Erin Zaske on Adapting to Changing Stormwater Regulations

Erin Zaske is Chief Development Officer for Aqualis. In this episode Erin discusses the history and importance of stormwater regulations, as well as the drivers of recent changes. She also explains how aging systems and climate change have created an urgent need to invest in stormwater infrastructure. Erin talks about ways that municipalities and businesses can prepare for future conditions and announces a summit on May 25 that will focus on regulatory compliance.

This episode is brought to you by Aqualis.

Words On Water #184: Jamie Eichenberger on the Need for Water Infrastructure Funding

April 19, 2021

Jamie Eichenberger is the President-Elect of the Water Environment Federation and an Associate Vice President at HDR. In this episode Jamie explains how without significant funding increases for water infrastructure, there will be long-term harm to public health, environmental protection, social equity, and economic growth in communities, as outlined in a WEF position statement. He says the water sector needs increased and more reliable financing of water infrastructure to address such priorities as aging infrastructure and technology innovation to meet changing regulations. Jamie calls on the entire water sector to advocate for funding, particularly through Water Week and WEF’s Water Advocates program.

Episode #184
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #183: Amy Kirby and Dr. Andrew Sanderson on Expansion of Wastewater-Based Disease Surveillance

April 15, 2021

Amy Kirby is the National Wastewater Surveillance System Lead for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Dr. Andrew Sanderson is the Chief Medical Officer for the Water Environment Federation (WEF). In this episode they discuss how CDC has selected WEF to develop, manage, and provide training for a nationwide network of water utilities, public health agencies, and laboratories participating in wastewater-based disease surveillance. Andrew and Amy explain that wastewater-based disease surveillance has been used to study the presence and trends in coronavirus infections in communities and is increasingly viewed as a valuable tool during the current pandemic and for future public health research.

Episode #183
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #182: Chris Hunniford and Mark Perkins on Trends in Odors and Air Pollutants

April 5, 2021

Chris Hunniford is Chief Operating Officer of V&A Consulting Engineers and Mark Perkins is President and Owner of Perkins Engineering Consultants. In this episode Chris and Mark discuss a variety of trends in odors including challenges with getting new facilities permitted, the patchwork of regulations across the country, and the continued rise of data, sensors, and other technology. They also talk about the agenda and highlights at WEF’s upcoming Odors and Air Pollutants Conference.

Episode #182
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #181: Kevin Davis on the Cybersecurity Approach of a Large Utility

March 25, 2021

Kevin Davis is the Chief Technology Officer at Middlesex County Utilities Authority in New Jersey. In this episode Kevin discusses his reaction to the recent hack at a Florida utility. He talks about his utility’s overall approach to cybersecurity, the challenges from the size and diversity of a large utility, and approaching cybersecurity for OT vs IT. Kevin also explains how the coronavirus pandemic impacted needs for cybersecurity and why his utility participates in the Multi-State Information Sharing & Analysis Center.

This episode is brought to you by Bayshore Networks.

Words On Water #180: Joakim Harlin and Kilian Christ on UN Water and WEF as a Partner

March 22, 2021

Joakim Harlin is a former UN-Water Vice Chair and currently the Chief of UNEP’s Freshwater Unit, and Kilian Christ is Associate Programme Management Officer in UNEP’s Freshwater Ecosystems Unit. In this episode released on World Water Day, Joakim and Kilian discuss the work of UN Water, the role of partners, and why WEF is now a member. They also talk about UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, clean water and sanitation for all, including progress and monitoring in countries.

Words On Water #179: Mark Doneux on the Role of Outreach and Innovation in Stormwater Management

March 17, 2021

Mark Doneux is Administrator of the Capitol Region Watershed District in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The Capitol Region Watershed District was the overall winner of WEF’s Phase II MS4 Award in 2020 in part for its portfolio of projects that include opening an office facility that features a rainwater reuse system, a new outreach program that engages the public in green infrastructure, and a grant program to subsidize decentralized stormwater infrastructure. In this episode Mark discusses his agency’s approach to stormwater management and the value of following national trends and connecting with peers across the country.

Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #178: The Rising Potential of Peracetic Acid in Disinfection

March 15, 2021

Joanne Carpenter is Director of Research and Development for CHEMetrics and Kati Bell is Director of Water Strategy for Brown and Caldwell. In this episode they discuss the increased viability of peracetic acid for disinfection at water resource recovery facilities and its position as an alternative to chlorine and UV. Joanne and Kati talk about the importance of establishing standard methods for peracetic acid and the value of the WEF handbook on evaluating use. They also explain how a facility can determine if peracetic acid is feasible.

This episode is brought to you by CHEMetrics.

Words On Water #177: Expansion of Data Use in Collection Systems Management

March 10, 2021

Diane Grossenheider is Project Manager with Black & Veatch and Jen Welsch is Principal Engineer with the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District. In this episode Diane and Jen discuss the rapid expansion of tools for using data to proactively manage collection systems, including smart sewers, real-time controls, and GIS software. They also talk about the upcoming WEF Collection Systems Conference on March 23-25, which will feature sessions on the data topic and speakers from around the world.

Hosted by Travis Loop

WOW: Take It From The Top Series With Rebecca West

March 8, 2021

Rebecca West is President of RFW Consulting Services and a Past-President of the Water Environment Federation. In this episode Rebecca shares her perspectives on leadership, dealing with adversity, and adapting. She draws from her experiences in the water sector, volunteering overseas, serving on the WEF Board during the 2008 economic downturn, and the coronavirus pandemic.

WOW: Take It From The Top
Hosted by Tom Kunetz

Words On Water #176: Jackie O’Brien on Engineers Without Borders

March 1, 2021

Jackie O’Brien is the Chief Executive Officer of Engineers Without Borders (EWB), a nonprofit recognized as a Charity of Choice by the Water Environment Federation. In this episode Jackie explains how EWB and its 10,000 volunteers work in communities around the world to help provide basic human services including water. She talks about starting as CEO during the past year and how the organization has recalibrated in the midst of the pandemic. Jackie also discusses opportunities for volunteering and how WEF members can get involved in EWB.

Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #175: Camille Sanders on a New Career Center for the Water Sector

February 23, 2021

Camille Sanders is Membership Director for the Water Environment Federation. In this episode Camille discusses WEF’s revamped Career Center that offers robust opportunities and tools for both job seekers and employers in the water sector. Job seekers can search for available opportunities by job type, industry, and state, receive a complimentary resume review, and access professional coaching and career planning resources. Employers can search and review resumes, post available positions, and increase the visibility of their organization through job advertising. WEF also offers exclusive member discounts of up to 60% on job advertising packages.

Visit the Career Center at jobbank.wef.org

Words On Water #174: Introducing WEF’s New Director of Sustainable Biosolids Programs

February 16, 2021

Maile Lono-Batura is the new Director of Sustainable Biosolids Programs for the Water Environment Federation. In this episode Maile talks about her background and experiences serving as Executive Director of Northwest Biosolids for 22 years. She discusses her new responsibilities and focus in leading biosolids programs for WEF, including the importance of improving collaboration, expanding communications, and advancing research. Maile also shares her perspective on the current trends and pressing issues in biosolids, ranging from PFAS to public perception.

Hosted by Travis Loop

WOW: Take It From The Top Series With Matt Bond of KC Water

January 26, 2020

Matt Bond is Past-President of the Water Environment Federation and Deputy Director for Engineering at KC Water. In this episode Matt discusses the challenges and opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic, including keeping capital improvement projects on track, navigating the financial crunch to utility revenue and affordability for ratepayers, and finding that there is now an availability of talented workers to hire. He also talks about the emphasis on green infrastructure in making Kansas City a more sustainable and livable city.

WOW: Take It From The Top
Hosted by Tom Kunetz

Words On Water #173: A Scholarship for Operators

January 21, 2021

Jaime Eichenberger is the President-elect of the Water Environment Federation and an Associate Vice President at HDR and Sarah Reeves is vice-chair of the WEF scholarship subcommittee and a Vice President at Brown and Caldwell. In this episode Jaime and Sarah discuss WEF’s new scholarships for water and wastewater operators pursuing education, and training and for individuals pursuing certification to enter the water sector. The scholarship will reimburse expenses up to $5,000 and is available to individuals seeking an entry level operator’s license or licensed operators seeking professional development in municipal and industrial treatment, reuse, collection and distribution, and stormwater. The scholarship application deadline is April 1. For more information and to apply, click here.

Words On Water #172: Students Designing For the Real World

January 11, 2021

WEF’s Student Design Competition promotes real-world experience for students interested in pursuing an education and/or career in water/wastewater engineering and sciences. Individuals or teams of students are challenged to prepare a design to help solve a local water quality issue. Teams evaluate alternatives, perform calculations, and recommend the most practical solution based on experience, economics, and feasibility. This episode features conversations with Student Design Competition judges Bernadette Drouhard and Elias Katsoulas, as well as discussion with students from the winning teams from the University of Guelph and Colorado School of Mines. The University of Guelph team won the Environmental Design category with their project titled Innovative Stormwater Management in the City of Richmond Hill, Mill Pond. The Colorado School of Mines team won the Wastewater Design category with their project titled Nutrient Optimization for Municipal Wastewater Utilities in Colorado.

Episode #172
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #171: Impact of Coronavirus Relief Package on Water Sector

January 5, 2020

Steve Dye is Legislative Affairs Director for the Water Environment Federation and Jason Myers is a Partner with Barnes & Thornburg. In this episode Steve discusses how the recent coronavirus relief package passed by Congress impacts the water sector, including the $638 million it provides for a new program that will help low-income families cover the costs of their drinking water and wastewater utility bills, as well as $25 billion in rental assistance that can also be used to help offset utility payments. Jason talks about $275 billion for another round of Paycheck Protection Program funding and the extension of the deadline for using funding from the CARES Act. Steve also reviews the FY21 Omnibus Appropriations package that includes a myriad of key funding provisions for the Clean Water SRF, Drinking Water SRF, WIFIA, and stormwater and workforce programs.

Episode #171
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #170: How PFAS Can Raise Costs for Biosolids Programs

December 14, 2020

Janine Burke-Wells is Executive Director of the North East Biosolids & Residuals Association, Eric Spargimino is an Environmental Engineer and Project Manager at CDM Smith, and Chris Wilson is Chief of Processing Engineering and Research at Hampton Roads Sanitation District. In this episode they discuss how state limits on PFAS can impact biosolids programs and that a recent report found management costs for facilities increased by about 37 percent in response to regulations. Janine, Eric, and Chris also talk about case studies from the report, helpful technologies for PFAS treatment, and productive regulatory approaches by states.

Episode #170
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #169: Lynn Broaddus on Her Perspective and Priorities as WEF President

November 16, 2020

Lynn Broaddus is the new President of the Board of Trustees for the Water Environment Federation and the President of Broadview Collaborative. In this episode Lynn discusses her background in water, which includes experience as the Executive Director of Milwaukee Riverkeeper and as Director of the Environment Program at the Johnson Foundation, and how it led her to WEF. She talks about how WEF has responded to the challenges to operations and the water sector overall brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Lynn also shares her thoughts on WEF priorities for the coming year, including diversity, workforce, and its global role.

Episode #169
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #168: The InFLOW Experience

November 10, 2020

Moriah Brown, Nadine Robertson, and Kayson Smith-Bejgrowicz are participants in the Water Environment Federation’s InFLOW program, which stands for Introducing Future Leaders to Opportunities in Water and identifies promising students from underrepresented minority groups who are interested in professional careers in the water industry and provides them scholarships to attend WEFTEC. In this episode they discuss how little they knew about water careers before InFLOW and how it was encouraging to interact with water leaders that reflected diversity. They also explain how InFLOW changed their perceptions of the water sector and led them toward water careers, with Nadine now working as an operator in New Orleans and Kayson as an engineer in Honolulu.

This episode is part of a series of conversations on the Words On Water podcast about equity and the water sector. It is co-hosted by Travis Loop and Rahkia Nance.

Words On Water #167: Amy Corriveau on the Benefits of Digital Water During the Pandemic

October 29, 2020

Amy Corriveau is a Vice President and Director of Digital Solutions at CDM Smith. In this episode Amy discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has increased interest in digital water and reshaped trends and tools in the field. She explains how utilities benefited by having digital water solutions in place before the pandemic and ways that utilities tried to adopt technologies during the past six months. Amy also offers advice for steps that utilities can take to get started in digital water in a manageable and cost-effective manner.

This episode is brought to you by CDM Smith.

WOW: Take It From The Top Series With… Claus Homann

October 20, 2020

Claus Homann is Chief Operating Officer for Aarhus Vand in Denmark and a past member of the Board of Trustees for the Water Environment Federation. In this episode Claus talks about the central place of water in the city of Aarhus and how that has resulted in clean water, a higher quality of life, and economic benefits. He explains how his water utility has shifted to activity based working, an approach that provides a variety of different physical work spaces that align with the type of work. Claus also discusses how he envisions the workplace will change post-pandemic, including continuation of flexible work schedules and locations and use of technology to bring people together.

WOW: Take It From The Top
Hosted by Tom Kunetz

Words On Water #165: How One Project Reflects Water Sector Trends and Opportunities

October 1, 2020

Frank Houston is Senior Regional Manager for the Eastern U.S. for DN Tanks and Alan Parent is Director of Business Development and Laura Simmers is Preconstruction Coordinator for PC Construction. In this episode Frank, Alan, and Laura talk about a $271 million bio-energy project at a Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s facility in Piscataway, Md. They explain the benefits of extensive collaboration in the project, the design-build process, and advancement of biosolids and energy generation, as well as how these are broader trends and opportunities for the water sector. Frank, Alan, and Laura also discuss the deliberate use of woman- and minority owned businesses in the project.

This episode is brought to you by DN Tanks.

Words On Water #164: Martin Bureau on Treating PFAS

September 30, 2020

Martin Bureau is the Vice President of Innovation at Logistec Environmental. In this episode Martin discusses the problem of PFAS in water and the environment and the challenges facilities face in treatment. He shares the latest developments in PFAS solutions and the importance to calibrate the solutions based on the nature and size of the community’s specific needs.

This episode is brought to you by Logistec.

Words On Water #163: Erin Rothman on Monitoring Stormwater With Sensors

September 30, 2020

Erin Rothman is the CEO of StormSensor. In this episode Erin discusses how cities are increasingly interested in using networks of sensors and cloud-based software for real-time monitoring of stormwater systems. She explains how sensors can also be used for a variety of purposes including evaluating green infrastructure and studying the impact of sea level rise on infrastructure. Erin also talks about her experience collaborating with college students and the creativity they bring to projects.

This episode is brought to you by StormSensor.

Words On Water #162: Kevin Marsh on the Role of I&I in Tracking Coronavirus

September 29, 2020

Kevin Marsh is the President of FlowWorks. In this episode Kevin discusses the increasingly popular practice of wastewater epidemiology in identifying coronavirus in communities and on college campuses. He explains that to accurately measure the presence of the virus wastewater flow data must be normalized for inflow and infiltration in collection systems, and how his company is working with others on this approach. Kevin also talks about the latest in machine learning and automated data.

This episode is brought to you by FlowWorks.

Episode #162
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #161: Steve Myers and Melody White on the Momentum in Resource Recovery

September 29, 2020

Steve Myers and Melody White are Application Development Managers at Hach. In this episode Steve and Melody talk about the increasing momentum in the sector for water reuse and nutrient recovery. They discuss how regional differences in water and regulations require different solutions for resource recovery and the technology and equipment that can meet those needs.

This episode is brought to you by Hach.

Episode #161
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #160: Sam Utley on Holistically Managing Data, Instruments, and Process

September 28, 2020

Sam Utley is Senior Manager for the Software Sales Engineering Team at Hach. In this episode Sam discusses the challenges water resource recovery facilities face in data, instrument, and process management. He explains how new solutions allow users to analyze and act on data, accurately ensure instruments are functioning, and automate processes to improve efficiency. Sam talks about the ability for facilities to adopt solutions one at a time or take a more holistic approach.

This episode is brought to you by Hach.

Episode #160
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #159: Hossein Zarrin and Tim Mollart on Using Synthetic Diamonds in Water Treatment

September 28, 2020

Hossein Zarrin is Head of Water and Tim Mollart is Principal Application Engineer at Element Six. In this episode Hossein and Tim explain how synthetic diamonds can be used in industrial water treatment, particularly to target certain difficult pollutants. They also discuss the advantages of using synthetic diamonds and why more industries are opting to use the technology.

This episode is brought to you by Element Six.

Episode #159
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #158: Onder Caliskaner on Carbon Re-Direction and Cellulose Removal

September 25, 2020

Onder Caliskaner is Founder of Caliskaner Water Technologies. In this episode Onder explains the process and purpose of carbon re-direction at water resource recovery facilities and the current trends in the sector. He also talks about the practice and benefits of cellulose recovery from wastewater. WEFTEC Connect will explore these topics during Going KETO: Stories of Carbon Re-Direction in the Age of Advanced Nutrient Removal and Cellulose Recovery From Wastewater.

Episode #158
Hosted by Travis Loop

WOW: Conversations on Equity… With Cathy Bailey, Randy Hayman, and Tony Parrott

September 21, 2020

Cathy Bailey is the Executive Director of Greater Cincinnati Water Works, Randy Hayman is the Commissioner and CEO of the Philadelphia Water Department, and Tony Parrott is CEO of Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District. In this episode they talk candidly about their experiences as Black Americans working in the water sector and reaching the level of utility executive, including sharing examples of discrimination and racism they encountered along the way. Cathy, Randy, and Tony discuss how it feels to be Black Americans in leadership positions and how utilities should address issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

This episode is part of a series of conversations on the Words On Water podcast about equity and the water sector. It is co-hosted by Travis Loop and Rahkia Nance.

Words On Water #157: A Preview of WEFTEC Connect

September 14, 2020

In this episode WEF staff provide a preview of WEFTEC Connect, the fully virtual event and online learning platform that offers attendees interactive education, an exhibitor showcase, and networking experiences. They explain how WEFTEC Connect is more than another webinar or virtual meeting – it is a dynamic, immersive learning amd networking experience, that takes the best of our in-person event, reshapes it for the virtual world, and delivers it all directly to attendees. WEFTEC Connect will be held October 5 to October 9 and more information is at www.weftec.org

Episode #157
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #156: Chris Wilson on the Intersection of PFAS Policy and Science

September 9, 2020

Chris Wilson is the Chief of Process Engineering and Research at Hampton Roads Sanitation District. In this episode Chris discusses how his utility is like many others in trying to understand how to treat certain contaminants like PFAS, develop effective tools for doing so, and determine which ones to apply for what end purpose. He says the session he is moderating at WEFTEC Connect on Tuesday, October 6 at 3:30 p.m. will seek to augment technical and policy information on PFAS with a look at where those areas intersect and what that means for water utilities. Chris is known for taking a creative approach to sessions and hopes that makes the content more memorable for attendees.

Episode #156
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #155: Report on Economic Benefits of Investing in Water Infrastructure

September 2, 2020

Katie Henderson is Senior Program Manager for the Value of Water Campaign. In this episode Katie discusses a new report on the Economic Benefits of Investing in Water Infrastructure. She outlines the report’s findings on the U.S. water infrastructure investment gap, the costs of failing to address that gap, and the economic benefits of closing the investment gap. Katie also talks about how the water sector should use information in the report to advocate for increased funding.

Episode #155
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #154: Lucy Pugh on Water Reuse Challenges in Food and Beverage Industry

August 31, 2020

Lucy Pugh is a Vice President and Industrial Water and Wastewater Technical Practice Director at AECOM. In this episode Lucy discusses water reuse challenges in the food and beverage industry and how its wastewater processes differ from municipal treatment. She also talks about technologies used in food and beverage can be transferred to municipal facilities. Lucy will be leading a session at WEFTEC Connect on Tuesday, October 6 at 3:30 p.m. on solutions to wastewater treatment and reuse challenges faced by the food and beverage industry.

Episode #154
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #153: Erin Zaske on Managing Stormwater Assets in Severe Weather

August 24, 2020

Erin Zaske is Chief Development Officer for AQUALIS. In this episode Erin talks about how hurricanes, tropical storms, and other severe weather pose threats to stormwater assets of utilities and property owners. She explains the need to prepare in advance, remotely monitor during a storm, and evaluate impacts afterward. Erin also discusses the potential negative impacts to infrastructure, property, and budgets if there is not proper planning and how AQUALIS services and products can assist.

This episode is brought to you by AQUALIS.

Episode #153
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #152: Art Umble on Protecting Wastewater Professionals from Coronavirus

August 13, 2020

Art Umble is Senior Vice President of Global Wastewater Treatment Sector Leader at Stantec and Chair of the Water Environment Federation’s Blue-Ribbon Panel on Biological Hazards and Precautions for Wastewater Workers. In this episode Art discusses the panel’s conclusions that occupational risk of infection is low, standard wastewater treatment processes inactivate the virus, and additional research should be conducted to further increase understanding of hazards and protections for personnel. He also explains that the panel updated the guidelines for protection of wastewater personnel from potential pathways of exposure to biological hazards, including coronavirus. The panel’s report is available on Access Water.

Episode #152
Hosted by Travis Loop

WOW: Conversations On Equity… With Jackie Jarrell, Nikita Lingenfelter, and Stephen Sanders

August 5, 2020

Jackie Jarrell is the President of the Water Environment Federation and Interim Deputy Director at Charlotte Water, Nikita Lingenfelter is Speaker-Elect of the WEF House of Delegates and an Engineer with the State of Nevada Department of Environmental Protection, and Stephen Sanders is Director and Head Trainer at The Environmental Training Center at Morrisville State College. In this episode, they discuss how WEF has responded to the calls for equity for Black Americans and the work of WEF’s Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. Nikita and Stephen talk about their experiences as Black Americans working in the water sector and how WEF can improve diversity and equity for its members and volunteers. They also share personal perspectives on racism in America.

This episode is part of a series of conversations on equity and the water sector. It is co-hosted by Travis Loop and Rahkia Nance.  

WOW: Take It From The Top Series… With Rick Warner

July 29, 2020

Rick Warner is a Past-President of the Water Environment Federation and President of Warner and Associates LLC. In this episode Rick discusses how during his tenure in WEF leadership he emphasized the concept of partnering for impact, which included the documentary film Brave Blue World as an outcome. He talks about the many synergies that result from collaboration, such as the Nevada Water Innovation Institute at his alma mater the University of Nevada, Reno. Rick explains that he advises students to choose employers with a culture that aligns with their values and ideals.

WOW: Take It From The Top
Hosted by Tom Kunetz

Words On Water #151: Zoe Gotthold on Winning the U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize

July 20, 2020

Zoe Gotthold is a recent graduate of Richland High School in Richland, Washington and the 2020 winner of the U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize. In this episode Zoe discusses her winning project, which involved developing prototypes of devices that promote oil flocculation at the surface and increase the efficacy of traditional oil spill remediation techniques. She talks about how much she enjoyed the experience of the SJWP competition and valued the feedback from judges. Zoe says she will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the fall.

Episode #151
Hosted by Travis Loop

WOW: Take It From The Top Series… With Paul Freedman

July 14, 2020

Paul Freedman is a Past President of the Water Environment Federation and Co-Founder, President, and CEO of LimnoTech. In this episode Paul talks about using strategic planning to guide WEF through the financial challenges of the 2008 recession and how those lessons can be applied during the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. He discusses how a crisis can lead an organization to quickly reshape its approach to programs with positive outcomes. Paul also explains the critical importance of extensive internal communication during difficult times.

WOW: Take it From the Top
Hosted by Tom Kunetz

Words On Water #150: Dr. Andrew Sanderson on Serving as Chief Medical Officer for WEF

July 2, 2020

Dr. Andrew Sanderson is the Chief Medical Officer for the Water Environment Federation, a Gastroenterologist with Weatherby Healthcare, and an Associate Professor at Howard University. In this episode Dr. Sanderson describes his academic and professional background, including serving as a medical officer at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and a fellow at Harvard Medical School. He explains his interest in serving as WEF’s Chief Medical Officer and how he will focus on the health and safety of the water workforce. Dr. Sanderson also talks about having assistance from a graduate student at Howard University.

Episode #150
Hosted by Travis Loop

WOW: Take It From The Top Series… With Jeanette Brown

June 17, 2020

Jeanette Brown is a Past President of the Water Environment Federation and a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Manhattan College. In this episode of Take It From The Top, a series of the Words On Water podcast, Jeanette discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted personal communication, which she considers one of the most vital skills of a water professional. She explains the importance of actually listening to others – their words and body language. Jeanette’s advice to the younger generation is to get involved with volunteering and be committed to it in order to most help others and realize the personal benefits.

WOW: Take it From the Top
Hosted by Tom Kunetz

Words On Water #149: Jamie Piziali on EPA’s Emphasis on Integrated Planning

June 15, 2020

Jamie Piziali is the Municipal Ombudsman at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. In this episode Jamie explains integrated planning, which offers an opportunity for a municipality to meet multiple Clean Water Act requirements by identifying efficiencies from wastewater and stormwater programs and sequencing investments. She discusses her role as an ombudsman and the importance of integrated planning to EPA. Jamie also talks about the agency’s efforts to raise awareness among municipalities about integrated planning and how local governments should pursue the approach as part of NPDES permitting or enforcement orders.

Episode #149
Hosted by Travis Loop

WOW: Take it From The Top Series… with Cordell Samuels

June 1, 2020

Cordell Samuels is a Past President of the Water Environment Federation and retired Plant Superintendent at the Region of Durham in Ontario, Canada. In this episode of Take It From The Top, a series of the Words On Water podcast, Cordell reflects on his experiences as WEF President and as a water professional that yielded helpful lessons for during the coronavirus pandemic. He discusses how sudden change is difficult for people and tells how as a new plant manager he made sure to connect with every staff member during a time of transition. Cordell also explains that clear communication and a focus on understanding is key across an organization.

WOW: Take it From the Top
Hosted by Tom Kunetz

Words On Water #148: Christina Wilson and Jennifer Welsh on Trends in Collection System

June 1, 2020

Christina Willson is Assistant Regional Manager of Water at Horner and Shifrin and Jennifer Welsh is a Civil Engineer at the St. Louis Metropolitan Sewer District. In this episode Christina and Jennifer talk about the Collection Systems Digital Conference that opens June 2 and brings attendees a variety of content. They discuss how collection systems are part of the aging infrastructure challenge, the sector’s continued focus on inflow and infiltration, and the ways technology is changing collection systems.

Episode #148
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #147: Caitlin Feehin and Allison Deines on a Utility Continuing Construction During Coronavirus

May 26, 2020

Caitlin Feehin is the RiverRenew Program Manager and Allison Deines is a Senior Policy Analyst at Alexandria Renew Enterprises. In this episode Caitlin and Allison explain that the utility needed to continue construction during the coronavirus pandemic to meet a legal deadline for combine sewer system remediation. They discuss how AlexRenew used information from health authorities and other utilities to develop protocols to protect the health of employees and construction workers while allowing the project to continue. Caitlin and Allison also talk about the importance of messaging to the community during coronavirus, including explaining why and how construction is moving ahead.

Episode #147
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #146: Lorna Ernst and Andi Cale on Access Water

May 21, 2020

Lorna Ernst is the Senior Director of Publishing and Andi Cale is the Senior Manager of Publishing at the Water Environment Federation. In this episode Lorna and Andi discuss Access Water, a new platform that organizes the information and technical content critical to the water sector into a single location. They explain it provides approximately 20,000 pieces of content, including conference papers, magazine articles, technical reports, fact sheets, compilations, and books. Lorna and Andi say Access Water is designed to fit the range of the water sector’s needs, from academic institutions that want to provide convenient access to the latest research for students to water resource recovery facilities improving operations through innovation. Visit www.accesswater.org

Episode #146
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #145: Bob Dabkowski and Steve Myers on Trends in Nutrient Management

May 18, 2020

Bob Dabkowski and Steve Myers are Applications Development Managers with Hach. In this episode Bob and Steve discuss the historic and current focus on nutrient management at wastewater facilities. They explain how regulations aiming to improve water quality in streams, rivers, and other water bodies are driving a trend toward more nutrient removal. Bob and Steve talk about ways to decrease costs and increase reliability in nutrient removal, as well as the opportunities presented by changing technology.

This episode is brought to you by Hach.

Episode #145
Hosted by Travis Loop  

Words On Water #144: Kari Brisolara on the Science on Biosolids and Coronavirus

May 13, 2020

Kari Brisolara is an Associate Professor of Environmental Health at Louisiana State University. In this episode Kari discusses a review of current science that finds there is no evidence supporting the transmission of coronavirus through the wastewater system to biosolids. Because the coronavirus is more susceptible to treatment, including heat, no additional protective equipment or measures are required for managing properly treated biosolids.

Episode #144
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #143: Business Roundtable on Coronavirus #2

May 12, 2020

WEF is convening a series of roundtable discussions with leaders from across the water sector to discuss how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting operations, business, and people. The conversations are hosted by WEF Executive Director Walt Marlowe and explore current impacts, anticipated changes, and future plans in areas such as workforce, productivity, supply chain, projects, communication, and more. The guests for this episode are Kishia Powell, Commissioner for the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management; Paul Vogel, Principal and President of Greeley and Hansen; and Neil McAdam, Senior Vice President at World Water Works.

Episode #143

Words On Water #142: Ed Holmes on Developing and Supporting Young Professionals

May 11, 2020

Ed Holmes is the Director of Technical Training for DN Tanks. In this episode Ed discusses bringing students and young professionals into a company in a way that provides them with well-rounded development and integration into day-to-day activities. He shares his perspective on the strengths, interests, and motivations of today’s young professionals, and how they benefit a business. Ed also talks about the importance of lifelong learning in the water sector.

This episode is brought to you by DN Tanks.

Episode #142
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #141: Dave Russell on Preparing for Black Swan Events

May 8, 2020

Dave Russell is the CEO of Global Environmental Operations. In this episode Dave explains the concept of a Black Swan, an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. He discusses how Black Swan events could impact the water sector and what hinders anticipation and preparation for such situations. Dave provides advice on how the water sector can be more ready and identifies a variety of resources to help.

Episode #141
Hosted by Travis Loop