Words On Water #176: Jackie O’Brien on Engineers Without Borders

March 1, 2021

Jackie O’Brien is the Chief Executive Officer of Engineers Without Borders (EWB), a nonprofit recognized as a Charity of Choice by the Water Environment Federation. In this episode Jackie explains how EWB and its 10,000 volunteers work in communities around the world to help provide basic human services including water. She talks about starting as CEO during the past year and how the organization has recalibrated in the midst of the pandemic. Jackie also discusses opportunities for volunteering and how WEF members can get involved in EWB.

Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #64: Eleanor Allen on Water for People

November 19, 2018

Eleanor Allen is the CEO of Water For People. In this episode, Eleanor explains the organization’s model of water for Everyone Forever, which has to date provided service to 3.3 million people. She also discusses the nonprofit’s unique niche among global water charities, including how they bring together entrepreneurs, community members, and local governments to build and deliver water and sanitation services. Donations to Water For People help in these efforts.

Episode #64
Hosted by Travis Loop