WOW: Take It From The Top With Paul Bowen

July 27, 2021

Paul Bowen is a former water and sustainability executive at the Coca-Cola Company and a Past-President of the Water Environment Federation. In this episode Paul says the best way to be prepared for the future is strategic planning, an activity in which he participated at both WEF and Coca-Cola. He discusses the need to include risk assessment and risk mitigation in the planning process to lessen the negative impacts of future obstacles. Paul also talks about the importance of debriefings after activities and events, not just to identify what went wrong but additionally what went right.

WOW: Take It From The Top
Hosted by Tom Kunetz

Words On Water #68: Will Sarni on Mitigating Risk and Driving Transformation

December 10, 2018

Will Sarni is the Founder and CEO of the Water Foundry. In this episode, Will discusses how he helps multinational companies to evaluate the value of water to their business, look at the growing risks around water, and develop mitigation strategies. He also talks about the ways digital technologies will transform our relationship with water, why the circular economy is vital for getting us away from wasting resources, and that more attention should be paid to the water-energy-food nexus. Will also shares that he is optimistic about the future of water and that we are in the midst of a paradigm shift driven by demand outpacing supply.

Episode #68
Hosted by Travis Loop