Words On Water #128: Coronavirus and Water Treatment

March 2, 2020

Dr. Rasha Maal-Bared is Senior Microbiologist at EPCOR and Scott Schaefer is Wastewater Practice Leader at AE2S and Chair of WEF’s Disinfection & Public Health Committee. In this episode Rasha and Scott discuss the coronavirus, its origin, and the agencies involved in response. They explain why the water sector should pay attention to coronavirus, how treatment addresses the virus, and that water workers should follow standard safety protocol. Rasha and Scott say the water sector should stay informed of developments but remain calm.

Episode #128
Hosted by Travis Loop


  1. Rasha
    many thanks for your efforts and the information about water its very exelent and amazing attchivments for the humanity
    best wishes for u and family and father and mother
    u r a rare treasure

  2. Dear Rasha
    Being your father of course I will be byist ,this will not stop me from saying well done and thank you for the beneficial information
    Nabil Maal-Bared

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