Words On Water #95: Adam Lovell on Water Utilities in Australia

July 1, 2019

Adam Lovell is Executive Director of the Water Services Association of Australia. In this episode Adam provides an overview of the water utility sector in Australia and issues such as urbanization, extreme drought, water reuse, and energy neutrality. He also explains the water sector’s focus on customer value, affordability, stormwater, and community livability. Adam discusses the special collaborative relationship that Australia has with the United States and United Kingdom.

Episode #95
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #82: Jenelle Watson on Going Net-Zero in Melbourne

March 11, 2019

Jenelle Watson is the Manager of Treatment and Resources at Melbourne Water in Australia. In this episode Jenelle explains how Melbourne Water is working to meet its obligation to be net-zero by 2030. She says the utility is identifying ways to eliminate demand and increase energy efficiency, while also advancing a series of renewable energy projects including solar, mini-hydros, and biogas. Jenelle also discusses how Melbourne Water must build resilience to sea level rise, which will inundate its largest treatment plant.

Episode #82
Hosted by Travis Loop