Words On Water #101: Benefits of Vacuum Sewer Systems

September 4, 2019

Dave Elias is Southeast Regional Manager with Airvac. In this episode Dave explains how vacuum sewer systems work and why they often replace septic systems in low-lying, coastal areas. He shares some stories about the tangible benefits of vacuum systems in Florida, including at Crystal River, Indian River Lagoon, and the Keys. Dave also discusses how vacuum systems are resilient to major storms and hurricanes.

This episode is brought to you by Airvac, a brand of Aqseptence Group.

Episode #101
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #65: Global Water Stewardship in Costa Rica

November 19, 2018

Matt Streicher is the Treasurer and Liz Heise is the Marketing Chair for the Global Water Stewardship. In this episode, Matt and Liz discuss the Global Water Stewardship, a volunteer organization that is working in Costa Rica to address sanitation and environmental challenges that stem from decentralized treatment, inadequate septic systems, and a lack of advanced treatment. They explain how volunteers help design systems to treat wastewater and train local residents to serve as operators. Matt and Liz also talk about the organization’s work to educate local people in Costa Rica about the issues, which includes paying a sewer bill. Donations to Global Water Stewardship help in these efforts.

Episode #65
Hosted by Travis Loop