Words On Water #80: Mohammad Abdulatif on Water in Saudi Arabia

February 25, 2019

Mohammad Abdulatif is superintendent for the Dhahran Water Operations Division in Saudi Aramco and founder of the Saudi Arabia Water Environment Association. In this episode, Mohammad discusses water management in Saudi Arabia, including the extensive use of desalination, requirements for reuse for industry, and prioritization of agricultural crops that require less water. He talks about the challenges of growing water demand in an arid country and how Saudi Vision 2030 features a focus on a sustainable water sector, supported by government investment. Mohammad also explains efforts to educate the public, including children, about water conservation.

Episode #80
Hosted by Travis Loop

Words On Water #61: Ronit Erlitzki and Richard Cavagnaro on this Exciting Time in Water

October 29, 2018

Ronit Erlitzki is the Director of Business Development and Innovation and Richard Cavagnaro is the Director of Corporate Marketing and Communications at AdEdge Water Technologies. In this episode, Ronit and Richard discuss how the state of science and technology make it an exciting time to work in water and how scientists and engineers are actually creative people. They talk about several hot issues including emerging contaminants such as PFOA and PFOS, the evolution of desalination, transferring technology to the market, and showcasing water careers to the next generation.

This episode is brought to you by AdEdge Water Technologies.

Episode #61
Hosted by Travis Loop